This mix “Afro House Skate Jam” zero’s in on the east coast skate style with “that bounce”. I got creative and made it mostly Afro House music but blended a few tracks with that signature east coast house music sound.

This mix is more than simply a collection of songs. The sounds, instruments, the way it’s mixed is designed to set your senses a blaze and make you feel a certain way. I was very strategic when making this. The listener is going to feel powerful, empowered, strong, sensual, motivated, stimulated, euphoric and captivated. it’s more than just a mix of songs. It is designed to make you focus if your driving. If you’re just cleaning your house your going to feel the energy. If you are just sitting back listening to it then you will appreciate the artistry from the instruments being weaved together to give you a little over an hour of afro House rhythms.

The sounds in this mix are specifically targeted to make the listener do certain things and feel a certain way. I really hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Mixes created, produced and remixed by DJ Jerry Beck, The San Diego DJ

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