“25 Tips on What Makes a Great Wedding DJ”

  1. The DJ must be open to all types of musical genres and be able to recognize and differentiate between all of them. There are many, many genres and subgenres.
  2. The DJ must have a history of providing music for many different types of events. The more event types the DJ has done the more likely that they will be able to jump into another genre quickly if necessary. But be able to do it without shocking people adversely.
  3. The DJ must understand musical arrangements and how they affect what people do and think. Fore example, a heavy consistent beat would be more conducive with dancing opposed to dinner. However, if you take the same song and play a version without the big beat, creates a different vibe. That is along the lines of Neural Impulse DJing, which is a term and technique that I developed in 2011 to ensure the musical success of any and every event.
  4. The DJ must be attentive to details. The details could be music versions or the pronunciation of a name. For ex. Andrea. Is it (on DREY ya) or (AN dree ya). Must know those little details before the wedding day.
    25 tips on what makes a great wedding dj

    Wedding customs

  5. The DJ must understand the importance of the event and be able to align the style of clothing that is appropriate. By default, the DJ should be ready to wear a suit/tux unless otherwise indicated by the client.
  6. The DJ needs to have the resources to acquire many styles of music. Legitimate DJs should acquire there music legally. Those resources cost money but are very necessary for the success of the DJ.
  7. The DJ must have the ability to read a room so to play the right songs at the right time. If you want a soft feel during dinner and a more up-tempo feel during the cocktail hour, then the DJ must be able to understand and know the difference.
  8. The DJ must have the ability to offer comfort and reassurance to the client that you ARE the best fit for their wedding. Often the bride is concerned that their guests aren’t going to dance or may dislike the music/DJ. A good DJ will talk to the couple in depth about the music as to offer peace of mind. Then will deliver exactly what was discussed.
  9. The DJ must be able to understand the musical wants and needs of the client event if it isn’t clear. For example, a client may say “we don’t like rap music” but on their must play list they put 2Pac and Lil Jon. So now we must know what the client means and their definition of “rap music”. OR what ever other genre is in question.
  10. The DJ must be open to taking requests from the guests. That is the sole number one way to know what people want to hear.
    25 tips on what makes a great wedding dj - Becks Entertainment

    Lisa and Casey

  11. The DJ must possess the ability to redirect requests to help the requester know exactly what they want and to ensure that it falls in line with the vision of the client.
  12. The DJ must understand the art of pleasing all of the guests with the right balance of song selections and genres.
  13. The DJ must have a written-out itinerary with all of the important information about the event where it’s easily accessible I.E. on paper or iPad.
  14. The DJ must truly be passionate about music but more importantly be passionate about people and how they embrace the music selections.
  15. It would be helpful if the DJ is familiar with the venue and all of its nuances in regards to ballrooms/rooms.
  16. The DJ must charge enough to afford to stay up to date on music as well as all of the other costs that are necessary to stay in business. Note* just because the DJ is cheap doesn’t mean you are getting a deal. It just means that there is something that the DJ can’t afford because of charging to little that would help him/her be or present themselves the best that they can at your wedding.
    25 tips on what makes a great wedding dj - Becks Entertainment

    Aalis and Michael

  17. The DJ must have positive reviews from past clients.
  18. The DJ must be known and endorsed by the majority of other wedding industry professionals. It is also helpful that at least 2 of your other vendors know or have heard of your DJ.
  19. The DJ must be able to work well with other wedding professionals. This ensures the likeliness of a smooth wedding reception. Seasoned pros are more likely to be congenial and easier to work with.
  20. The DJ must be a “people person”.
  21. The DJ must be accommodating to the wishes and needs of the client.
  22. It is important that the DJ knows of the wedding network groups and some of the professionals whom attend.
  23. The best wedding DJs are those that have been around awhile therefore they know the power of new songs as well as classics.
  24. The DJ must be intuitive and instinctive to what songs to play next. This is more of a gift than a learned skill. In that arena the DJ either has it or they don’t.
  25. The DJs that don’t rely on pre-programmed playlists tend to be the best DJs.

Good luck with your search for the best DJ for your wedding!


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